atma’s resume

Resume (downloadable pdf)

Dirk “Atma” Degeyndt

Marina Del Rey, CA



Specializing in business development, and organizational psychology


  • Business Development (Advanced, 20+ years experience)
  • Digital Marketing (Expert, 16 years experience)
  • Social Media Strategy (Advanced, 10 years experience)
  • Web & Multimedia Project Management (Advanced, 8 & 20 years experience)
  • Industrial Psychology and Organizational Development (Expert, 15 years experience)
  • Change Management (Expert, 12 years experience)
  • Communications Strategy (Advanced, 20+ years experience)
  • Corporate Wellness (Expert, 12 years experience)
  • Stress Management (Expert, 20+ years experience)
  • Face Reading (Expert, 10 years experience)


Organizational Research & Business Development 2011 to present

Atman Group, Marina Del Rey, CA

  • I am currently writing on developments and strategies in digital marketing, industrial psychology, hiring/retention methodologies, productivity, innovation, communication and change management. You can see some of my  writing on advanced management techniques at:
  • My long term goal is to do research and publish findings on organizational development and finish my PhD, but to get there in the near term I have to make your company successful.
Consultant, Trainer, Founder 2002-2010
Entrepreneur,Culver City, CA

  • Teacher Training: developed an international program for training yoga teachers, implemented a proprietary system for teaching presentation skills, created an online school with 70 hours of instruction and testing, Senior project manager for the development of a massive 1.5 gig website (, I increased sales by 20 – 40% a year over 7 years; this company is now for sale.
  • Founded a web community for wellness and social commentary, published numerous articles, project closed after three years due to lack of capital.
  • Founded a company (Rule108) to provide wellness and productivity services in the corporate environment, developed protocols, testing and evaluation materials, coordinated with chief medical officer, project closed after 18 months due to lack of sales
  • Business Consultant: provided training, analysis, mentoring, strategy development, to CEOs, and managers in tech, media and wellness corporations this project has been merged into the Atman Group  (recommendations and testimonials at LinkedIn)
Business Development 1998-2002
Yoga Mandir, Santa Monica, CA

  • Responsible for all business development, managed 19 yoga teachers and paid staff, instituted teacher training, handled all HR issues
  • Oversaw large volunteer staff, managed all IT and web support, grew the business by average of 45% per year
Project Manager 1996-1997
Rational Software Affiliate, Santa Monica, CA

  • Managed small group of OOAD programmers.
  • Helped define project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders. Handled requirements gathering, worked with Requisite Pro
  • Oversaw budgets, accounting, HR, Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team members and contractors, and influence them to take positive action and accountability for assigned work
Music and Event Management 1992-1995
Minds Matter, Los Angeles, CA

  • Developed, managed, marketed, and booked musical group
  • Managed an underground nightclub and rehearsal space
  • Developed, managed, and promoted educational conventions and media forums working with bands like Korn, Rage against the Machine, System of a Down and many others
Ad Agency Creative Director 1984-1987
Deighton & Masters, Minneapolis, MN

  • Expanded agency from two people to six, and sales by 400%.
  • Managed creation of print, outdoor, radio and TV
Event Management 1982-1984
Niceman Merchandising , Minneapolis, MN

  • Managed large event sales for outdoor concerts and festivals with as many as 50 employees and a quarter million in sales per event
  • Developed sales materials for Prince merchandise that led to biggest sales record to date


University of Minnesota 1980-1982, 1987 -1992
  • Undergrad studies: theater, film, journalism & mass comm.
  • Graduate studies: educational psychology
  • Currently Pursuing a PhD in industrial/organizational psychology

Special Skills

Management 3.0, Tech and computer science savvy; expert in face reading, idiographic functional analysis, speak four languages, teach classes in Sanskrit philosophy, and I always know what’s good on TV


 Updated May 2011



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