getting to NO

The more no’s that I get the better.

No’s mean progress. For example the key to building my new company, Startup is the team of angel investors that I bring together as cofounders. FInding that team will most likely require a lot of pitching on my part. Pitching means rejection. rejection is hard for me because I tend to take things personal. My solution to this is to stop looking at “No’s” as a negative. Instead I will view them as the brick and mortar of my startup’s foundation.

So this page will be a journal of the wonderful, progress indicating, momentum demonstrating “No’s” that I receive. 🙂

The list will also include potential support partners and really anybody I pitch to participate in my project.

(Word of explanation some people aren’t good at saying, “No.” They may hem or haw or say, “Perchance.” I read everything that isn’t “Yes.” as NO.)

2012 (4)
Lane Halley – UX specialist;  Lean UX Residency (LUXr)
Pete Mauro – Founder Los Angeles Lean Startup Circle
Jenny Yee – Operations Expert (Google, Betterworks)
Avesta Rasouli – Cofounder Coloft

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