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How I can help…

Case Study Interview and Analysis – if you or your organization meet the criteria (determined in a brief conversation) I come in and observe your work environment and do a case study interview with you and if appropriate your partners/cofounders. This process can take as little as 90 minutes or as long as 4 hours.

At this time I do not charge for this as it serves my research purposes. While I need to be selective about the clients I agree to work with I am very open to doing interviews and meeting with you to discuss your business.

Hiring Analysis and Support – if you are thinking of hiring new staff you absolutely want to bring me in to assess your hiring criteria, review your candidates, and give recommendations based on your organization’s psychological profile.  Cost is $500 per candidate.

Six-Month Management 3.0 Training Package – based on the assessment and analysis of you or your organization you will receive customized training according to the most salient issues from the 10-point framework. After initial assessment the training will involve a weekly 2-hour session plus an all day Saturday workshop. Every two months I will meet with top management to review progress. This training package can be company wide or tailored for a specific executive team or individual. Cost is $12,900. 

Twelve-Month Management 3.0 Training Package – This package is recommended because it provides sufficient time for structural changes and review of efficacy. After initial assessment the training will involve a weekly 2-hour session plus 2 all day Saturday workshops. Every two months I will meet with top management to review progress. This training package can be company wide or tailored for a specific executive team or individual. Cost is $24,000.

These packages are appropriate for 1 – 99 person companies. For larger companies additional staff support maybe required.

You can reach me at 310-494-1470 or atma[at]atmangroup.org

Even more about me, and my work…

The Atman group uses unique and advanced management solutions such as face reading, fear reclamation, emotional management, game theory and new behavioral models to separate you from your competitors and make you a remarkable and sought after business.

The Atman Group consultants and researchers specialize in advanced management solutions by giving you scientific and innovative guidance for developing a remarkable business. We teach you how to grow a remarkable business by focusing on the psychology of the institution. When you build a better organization you get better people. Better people get better results.

Breakthrough the limitations of western thinking:

Until now your options as a business leader have been guided by ideas and business principles that have originated in the west and mostly from the last 150 years. Advances in psychology, as well as Eastern studies has changed all that. Now you have innovative and powerful new tools for breaking down barriers to success. Barriers such as bureaucratic legacy; the often unseen and deeply disruptive dynamics hiding in your organization’s psychology (even in new companies).

These ever-present but unseen dynamics drive counterproductive behavior (poor time management, lack of innovation, fear of cooperation, anti-motivating influences, inefficient decision making, inadequate knowledge sharing, and so on…)These types of behaviour will  regularly sabotage the best made business plans.

The importance of unique solutions:

Now is the time to take advantage of the host of new solutions for these issues being presented by The Atman Group to business leaders who want to ensure that they maximize their potential for long term success.

  • new and improved insight into personality and it’s implications on performance
  • sustainable innovation through business practices
  • stronger engagement with and from customers

Investing in consultancy by The Atman Group will make it possible for you to deploy these business solutions which have been designed upon ideas and hypotheses from a cutting edge synthesis of eastern studies and western science. As a new or small business owner, incorporating this new combination of solutions will see an exponential increase in ideas, insights, and innovative approaches to improving your profitability, employee retention, and customer satisfaction.

Uncovering Secrets to Business Practice:

Eastern studies represent an extraordinary trove of insight into strategy, psychology, and the untapped potential of human performance. Your business will benefit from the prodigious and startling concepts described in these ancient Sanskrit texts in many ways including:

  • greater clarity and focus on objectives
  • emotional stronger staff and management
  • increased efficiency through improved communications and knowledge transfer
  • measurable changes in productivity and performance

The Atman Group is the first consultancy to turn these concepts into verified business solutions and enterprise building resources you can use to grow your business. You can, with our help, integrate effective training practices, ongoing analysis and measurement tools into your company culture.

Social science indicates the Big Six factors of successful organizations:

As an emerging business your companies success depends on the big six of organizational success:

1) productivity, 2) innovation, 3) stress management, 4) health & wellness, 5) team/group development, and 6) employee management.

A large body of scientific works has made it clear that these factors can be measurably improved by applying psychological methodology to the business environment. (Wikipedia lists 15 distinct scientific journals with the specific focus of industrial and organizational psychology.)

Maintaining the Formula for Long Term Success:

Addressing all these issues as an interdependent whole in degrees according to time and circumstance is a process called multi-phasic development. This approach is essential to setting your company apart from and ahead of your competition.  The more you can do with less the greater your edge and your ability to overcome the obstacles to long term growth, such as employee turnover, customer apathy, lack of innovation and a host of other challenges

Choose the right consultant:

To have your management and employees working at 100% you have to have an expert consultant in organizational psychology which is several levels above normal business management consulting.

Understand who provides the greater, long term benefits:
Regular business management consultants focus on work flow, productivity outcomes, information systems and other external factors.

An organizational psychologist however, focuses on the underlying and implicit dynamics or invisible psychology that controls the individuals in the organisation which sets the limits for how well they can achieve your external business goals. Such consultancy can provide understanding of the different generations’ working styles which will inevitably lead to friction and clashes if not properly understood.

2 thoughts on “about (how I can help you)

  1. Good Afternoon Atma,

    My name is Wenzdai Tosca and I am the VP of Corporate Relations for the Society for Advancement of Management (SAM). I understand that our Director of Corporate Relations, Austin, communicated with you at the Los Angeles Forum on Feb. 20th about our organization. He was so impressed with your overall presence and poise, that I would love to formally extend an invitation to you to host a speaker series. Our spring availability dates include March 13th,April 10th, April 24th, May 1st, and May 8th. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

    Thank You for considering speaking to our organization,

    Wenzdai Tosca
    VP Corporate Relations
    Society for Advancement of Management

    Cell: 619-569-5072

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